thank you for supporting I edition polish heritage day on 25 may 2019

About Us

Association of Polish Club "Klan" was formed in January 2019 and all positions held in the association are volunteer.

 Group starts its activities by organizing various workshop sessions for adults & children, bookfairs and events. 

Over time will develop its activities in different directions with the rising needs of Polish society.

Our Programs


The main objectives of our association is to promote social INTEGRATION in the framework of the public good in the London Borough of Hounslow. We want to reach people who may feel excluded because of the origin and help them integrate by creating a local support group. Provide training sessions and courses for integrating and adapting to the local community.


Organise events for the local community, aimed at promoting social cohesion and the dissemination of knowledge about polish culture, art and heritage.


We want to create a strong group where we will be able to share skills, experiences and support each other.